Music server design diary 2016.9.17

Thanks to the Internet, various things became very useful.
Technical information of RaspberryPi and components can be procured easily.

It is an era in which personal development can be done smoothly now.
However, in the era when AI is rapidly developing and becoming an era beyond human capabilities
Is it really necessary to have MIDI handling devices and software now?
I think whether there is a doubt.

Do you really want to listen to music that AI has developed as AI develops?
I think that music software will also evolve rapidly incorporating AI.
For example, if a motif comes up first and you type it, AI handles everything
When the song completes, it is "lonely"
What do you think?

Working with MIDI is a task of making music with a combination of notes and notes.
Melody, code and rhythm are all handled with MIDI data to create music (score)
Music played by human sensitivity is also in the era when AI was developed
I think we can survive.

For this reason music server, music software,
Make MIDI data as much as possible without sacrificing human sensitivity
We aimed to develop a device that can demonstrate as much as possible.
If people are more sensitive than AI, this device will continue to be useful.

Actually, I tried trial manufacture of MIDI performance equipment before this development,
The problem of data transfer to the CPU board of LPC 2388 can not be cleared
I left the production.

This time, using RaspberryPI again is a challenge.
First, use the bread board to connect and test the operation.


Since each of the following operation tests has already been confirmed individually,
We will check if all can be combined and operated without problem.

1. Web server performance test and operation check
2. Can I use I2C or SPI with external interface?
For data transfer
3. GPIO lamp test
4. UART communication

In particular, since UART communication performs data communication between RaspberryPi and LPC 2388
It becomes important. Since LPC 2388 is not enough memory for music data
Performing while receiving data with flow control by XON / XOFF.
Also, use GPIO to control interrupts such as Play and Stop.
From the Web browser, click on Play, Stop with the mouse and select GPIO
Create a server program for ON / OFF.
If the above environment can be formed, it will actually be the foundation and it will be completed by mounting it in a box.



that's all,

Described rough design policy and development procedure.