1. Overview

Represent music as a text from a web browser as a tool for composition
We created a server that can create music with comfortable operation.
A text, source file for music is generated with a small number of characters input
By compiling and linking, MIDI data can be programmed
It will be created.

The design policy is to avoid the trouble of composers as much as possible and not to hinder creativity
Providing an environment that allows you to concentrate on creating the desired music and create excellent songs
I aim to do it.

2. Characteristic

This equipment is a compiler for music on the LINUX server using Raspberry Pi
LCD that displays web server, MIDI output, status and helps progress of music composition,
7-segment numerical display, various status LED, power supply control unit
It is equipped. For this reason, there is no stress on the external MIDI sound source
Control is possible.
Since the LED's indication of the mouse is displayed, unconscious feeling of operational feeling
It helps to create songs without stress.

Users who have difficulty in operating servers can easily and effortlessly
It can be used as a server for music.
In the case of
Since the operation uses the browser of the personal computer, install dedicated software
I have no workload on my computer.

3. Use

・ Use as an integrated environment for composition.
It is possible to freely handle chords, rhythms, tones, and pitches necessary for composition.
The whole song can be freely selected by the tempo, rhythm operation in the score unit
Because you can control the note, you can feel the whole song as a conductor
You can look around.

・ Accurately record and save music as text ・ data.
There are enormous songs in the world, but the way to record these songs now
It is saved with 5 line notation, and recording data.
As a method of recording music in a manner that allows more accurate reproduction of music, this software

・ Use it as a sequencer for live performance.
As this machine outputs MTC (MIDI time code), as a sequencer at the live venue
It is possible to use it.

- Recent recording equipment seems that the interface of MTC is not used.
In order to record using MTC, MTC -> LTC (SMPTE time code)
Conversion is required.

・ For the above MTC -> LTC conversion device, for your reference, ROSENDAHL / MIF 4
There is an interface.

・ When the performance data is large, it is impossible to transfer and play the time code correctly
There are cases.
In the case of

4. specification

・ Power source AC 100 V - Built-in 240 V
・ Wired LAN 100 Mbps RJ 45
・ Dimensions Width 230 x Height 70 x Length 231 units are mm
・ Weight 2.4 K

・ Wireless LAN option
From the necessity to reduce the burden on the user as much as possible by network setting
Wireless LAN router and USB wireless adapter are combined as an option
We will use it in products that have been tested for operation.

5. function
・ Web server
RaspberryPi 2 / 32GB memory
Apache web server

・ MIDI performance
2 port output (2 ports are identical data)

・ Server status display
Display of server status, software execution status by LCD

・ Performance control display
The sequence being played, the bar number is displayed with 7 seg LED.
Mouse execution operation is indicated by LED.

・ Power supply control
There is a server power ON / OFF button and power ON / OFF switch of the main unit.
To protect the server, after powering off the server, power on the main unit
There are two switches because it is necessary to cut.

6. Required Equipment
MIDI equipment and other instruments, please prepare yourself.

7. Other
in preparation.